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Part-Time Online Programs 

Coordinator Consultant 

The Position: 

The City Island Nautical Museum – a museum dedicated to offering public access to rare and interesting artifacts, books, and information on City Island’s nautical heritage – seeks a Part-Time Online Programs Coordinator. This consultant position will work closely with 1-2 museum Trustees to spearhead the City Island Nautical Museum’s online webinar series and other online programs as needed, at least through June 2022 (possibly longer, as funding allows). 

During the winter of 2021, the museum piloted a highly successful web series in place of the in-person events and tours we would normally provide to guests before COVID-19. The museum held five webinars on content related to City Island, its residents, and history. We welcomed between 60 to 80 people to each event and also posted the webinars to our City Island Nautical Museum YouTube page, where we have already gained hundreds of views of these conversations online. (Check them out here). Webinar participants came from New York City and beyond, and the overwhelming majority agreed that they found the content informative and engaging. They also noted that the experience helped them to feel less isolated and more connected.


The pilot web series was supported by the CIHS board members to test interest in this format, and we have confirmed that members and others from the community will benefit from having on-line access to our educational programming. The museum now plans to offer our webinar series in an ongoing way, and this will require a Part-Time Online Programs Coordinator Consultant to help coordinate speakers, materials, the event, and follow up. 

Key Responsibilities: 

The City Island Nautical Museum’s Part-Time Online Programs Coordinator Consultant will dedicate between 10-15 hours a week and work closely with 1-2 museum trustees to help: 


  • Build upon and expand the museum’s pilot web series systems and resources, helping the CINM convert and expand from in-person to online educational programming. (For example, they will create forms and a set process for each webinar and work with the museum’s web developer trustee to build out this web page, which just has the titles from the webinars.) 

  • Execute a series of 4-5 online events between March and June 2022, including: o ID, outreach to, and secure speakers 

    • ID and secure artifacts from the museum’s collection 

    • Create and support marketing materials for event (flyers, emails, press, social media) 

    • Lead preparation call and run-through of event with speakers 

    • Support and troubleshoot event on zoom platform

    • Follow up, including website updates, tracking, and communications 


  • Experience with Zoom 

  • Experience with events 

  • Experience with creating and sending e-blast communications 

  • Engaging, concise communication skills, written and verbal 

  • Ability to effectively organize and manage multiple projects 


Other Preferences: 

  • Knowledge about City Island 

  • Experience communicating on social media outlets 

  • Experience with using Adobe and CANVA design systems/applications 

  • Experience with website management 


Benefits & Compensation: 

The consultant position is funded by a New York City discretionary contract that runs through June 2022. We seek an immediate consultant to work with us through June 2022, and longer, if funding is renewed or new funding is dedicated to this position. 

Compensation depends on experience, and hours agreed upon. The range for this position posting is between $5,000 and $7,500. 

To Apply: 

To be considered for the position, applicants must respond to this google form, which includes some questions on your qualifications and space to write why you want this position, and what qualifications you have. 

Applicants will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Only applicants selected for interviews will receive a response. No calls or emails please. 

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